Christmas came early

We celebrated our little family Christmas a few days early because we are flying out bright and early Christmas morning to visit family (and meet our brand new baby niece!!!). Since our babes are still so young and don't quite "get it", we went very simple and I'm so glad we did. A few minutes after opening gifts, Jessi was right back to playing with the empty wrapping paper tube she had found a few days earlier. Why spend a ton of money on your kids when they are entertained just as much with a cardboard tube? 

I hope my girls enjoy their Christmas, but even more I pray that they begin to learn the true meaning of why we celebrate.

Jessi stood at the top of the stairs while we assured her that Santa was NOT downstairs and was gone. Poor kiddo ;) They did enjoy eating the cookies that Santa left for them though! Jessi is obsessed with guitars, and she was so excited about getting her very own! Zoey was totally content with stealing her sister's gifts and ignoring her own. Typical.

christmas1 christmas2


 christmas4 christmas5



Our sweet friends came over to exchange gifts, have breakfast and the girls made a birthday cake for Jesus! This has become one of my favorite traditions to do with the kids, and love watching them celebrate the birth of our Savior.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy celebrating with your families!!