mary, did you REALLY know?

As I'm a little less than 9 weeks from giving birth, I can't help but try to get into the head of the mother of the Savior of the world. Did she really have ANY idea what was about to happen? This (very) young woman who was in the middle of a scandal. I can only imagine the looks she got from people. There's something incredibly judgmental about women. We all think we know the right way to do it, and jump to conclusions so quickly. I doubt it was any different 2000 years ago. I imagine she spent a lot of time hidden in her home, with tears streaming down her face because no one understood. I'm sure she questioned if she was the right person for the job. Don't all mothers question whether or not we are cut out for this? Not only was she becoming a mother, but a mother to the son of God.

Mary, did you REALLY know how much your life would change? 

Were you prepared for the hormones? 

You couldn't run down the street for extra diapers or formula when breastfeeding got too tough. 

You had no iPhone to play lullabys and entertain your little toddler while you got a quick shower or ate something. 

Did you have a support system of moms?

Before I became a mom, I really had NO idea what was ahead for me. It was hard. I spent many hours rocking my crying baby while I cried right along with her. I was clueless. I'm sure Mary was too.

But Mary...did you REALLY know how creation held their breath as you contracted and pushed that precious baby boy out? That you becoming a mother meant LIFE and HOPE for the rest of us?

We celebrate His birthday in expectation every year. He was born to set us free.

Mary, thank you for what you did. For being the patient and loving mother that you were. For taking on a terrifying role at such a young age.

I hope you found your rest in Him.  Because I sure do.

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