through their eyes {a letter to my girls}

My sweet girls, Sometimes I wish I could see the world through your eyes.

Jess, those hazel eyes that light up when Daddy walks in a room and the way you react when you try something new. Zo, those baby blues that squeal with delight over a kitty or a baby.

But mostly, your innocence. You don't understand true heartbreak.

I want to see the world through a filter of joy and newness. The way you see it.

IMG_1400 IMG_0592

The way you squeal with delight over a cookie. How a slide is a giant adventure and must seem SO big to you.

I pray everyday that you will not live in fear of the unknown. Life can be scary and things happen that we don't understand. But our Jesus is bigger than all of it. He hold us in His arms and nothing can separate us from Him! I wish I could protect you from all the evil of this world, and shield those tiny eyes and hearts from hurt, but unfortunately that's part of this world. I pray that you cling to Jesus and trust in Him. There's no need to fear things in life when you have Him.

Don't ever forget that Daddy's arms are the safest place in the world. He protects us and always will. Follow Daddy and allow him to guide you, and look to Mommy as you grow. Watch how Mommy respects and honors Daddy and how we are a team. Know that our heavenly Daddy is our first love, and that's the only way we love each other as unconditionally as we do. We hope we can set the greatest example we know how for you.

Even though I want you to learn and grow, sometimes I wish I could keep you little forever.

Bottle up your energy and love for life.

IMG_0236 IMG_0443

Keep looking at life through those precious eyes, and keep showing me how to see the world the way you do. You teach me every day of the true importance in my life. You make every moment worth it. The two of you have taught me more in less than 3 years about life than I have learned in the 26 years before I knew you.

Thank you for that. Thank you for the joy. For the giggles and stolen kisses. For the innocence. For each and every moment.

Thank you for showing me life through your eyes.

I love you thiiiiiiiiiiis much (and so much more), Mama