it's santa time!

We took the girls to meet Santa yesterday!They were a little less than excited, but that always makes for the best pictures, right? Right. Jessi hid behind a pole for about 20 minutes before she got up the nerve (aka, daddy holding her hand) to even go near Santa. Zoey was just mad. Overall, it was a giant success and Jessi was so proud of herself afterward for sitting with Santa. Big girl stuff.

Since they were SUCH champs and took a great picture for us, we took them out for a cupcake after! I'm thinking that was the highlight of the day for them, don't you think?

Santa2Β Santa3

Santa4 Santa5


Santa7 Santa8Santa9

Β Santa11Β Santa12

Β Santa, we heart you. But chocolate cupcakes? We heart you EVEN more!Β