introducing: she does justice


I'm so thrilled to share something I love with you today!! Meet Megan. She runs the shop called "She Does Justice". She's a mama just like me and you and started her shop to sell handmade items when they started in the process of adopting their little girl from Africa. The shop did so well, she wanted to help out others in a real and practical way.

Each month Megan works with an organization to support and at the end of the month she writes a check to that organization to help further their mission! How amazing is that?? This month she is working with a family who is raising money to bring their baby home from Taiwain. So awesome. 

All of the items in her shop are handmade by Megan or other shop owners who have partnered with She Does Justice. She sells things such as scarves, headbands, and pretty things for your home!

Check out a few of the goodies Megan sent me to try out. I love everything!!!!


I adore these scarves!!! There are TONS of awesome prints in the shop, you need to get AT LEAST two.  


These headbands are so comfy and fun!!! They are great for running, working out or a trip to the store with dirty hair! Let's be honest here. I don't work out. I'm 29 weeks pregnant with two toddlers. I've been wearing this with a messy high bun and my pjs and it's PERFECT.

But IF you work out, it might look something like this:


 I got tired just pretending to run.

It's not too late to get in your orders for Christmas!! Still need something for someone on your list?? A scarf or headband, or even these gorgeous hair ties would make perfect stocking stuffers!! Be sure and shop by December 19th to get your goodies for Christmas (this excludes canvas prints)!

Use the code MOMDIGGITY for 10% off your order too!!