a simple christmas craft for toddlers

We are having so much fun teaching our girls about Christmas with our Advent calendar. Jessi has finally caught on to the fact that we do something fun every day and has started asking to "open her present" everyday. We have fun envelopes with the days activity in it, go check them out here! I wanted to share something we did that was a big hit! I like to make an ornament with the girls so they have something to be embarrassed by when they are 17 and their boyfriends come over.  But making ornaments with a 2 year old and 1 year old is kinda tough. Their attention span is about 10 minutes, so I needed something easy but would still turn out great.

Zoey loved her first time painting! I think he digested more paint than ended up on her paper though. Oops.






Supplies: Brown Paint White Paint Heavy Cardstock Something red for nose (I used felt) Something black for eyes (I used buttons) Something to hang it with (I used red sparkly pipe cleaner)


Paint those little feet brown and stamp them on the paper. Once it dries, paint little round white dots for the eyes. Let it all dry really well and cut out around the foot. Glue buttons for eyes and red noses. (I just cut tiny bits of red felt because that's what I had.)

For my oldest, I traced her hands on a paper and let her paint over the top. Once that dried, I cut them out and glued them on as antlers! Turned out really cute!

The end result? An ADORABLE handmade ornament!!


Enjoy creating with your tiny ones!!