blessed is she who believes

It's in this season that I get all weepy and overwhelmed with how blessed I am. Yes, part of it is the intense amount of hormones overtaking my body at the moment, but a lot of it is legit. I find myself tearing up just watching my babies play together, and realizing what perfect little blessings they are. I need this season to remind me of how blessed I am. 

Isn't that horrible?? Shouldn't I ALWAYS know how blessed I am? Shouldn't I wake up every day knowing that my cup overflows and stop whining about the things that aren't "perfect"?

Are you familiar with the story of Elizabeth & Mary? Hop over to and read Luke 1:1-45. I'll wait.

Good stuff huh?

These woman are not only impacted by unexpected pregnancies, but are FAVORED by God and chosen to give birth to the Son of God and one of the greatest men who ever lived. WOW. When we were praying through if we were ready to go for baby #3, I had a pretty clear word from God that He had big plans for this baby. I was given a complete peace, and knew that something big was to come.

I still don't know what is ahead for me. No angels stood in my home and told me what my child would become. But I chose to be like Elizabeth and like Mary. To believe in the impossible. Even if for me the "impossible" meant three under three and yet another pregnancy.


"Blessed is she who has believed the Lord would fulfill His promises to her!" Luke 1:45

I choose to be Blessed. To refuse to settle for thinking my life is impossible, and to allow God to flood my life with the blessings He has for me.

Are you choosing to be like Elizabeth and Mary? Or are you living in fear of what could be, and not taking in God's abundant blessings?


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