happy monday chaos!

Hello friends!! Has your life been as crazy as mine lately?? I love the balance between the feeling of peace and total chaos. I really wouldn't have it any other way. We are on Day 3 of Advent with the girls and they are enjoying our activities and can't sit still through the entire bible story everyday...but once again, I wouldn't have it any other way. It's a perfect Christmas with my perfect toddlers. (If you want to jump in and join us, there's a free printable you can use for the daily activities and reading plan!!) This is what I like to call peaceful chaos. Perfection. 

photo 4

I LOOOOVE this time of year, but boy it gets busy! It could be the two adorable toddlers running circles around me and the very active teeny one kicking away at my bladder. Seriously, if this baby gets any lower she's going to fall out.


photo 5

Did I tell you guys that my adorable and perfect baby niece was born last week?? I'm so excited to meet her in a few weeks, and so overjoyed with the blessing of this little miracle. Go read the story of the wild ride her mama went through, and the grace God poured over them. It's really amazing. 

Meet sweet baby girl, Tate Elena. She's squishy and PRECIOUS.


Zoey turned 15 months yesterday and I totally forgot until this morning. I'm really hoping I at least remember Baby #3's birthdays since I'm so bad about "month days" with Zo. This ball of onery energy is SUCH a joy and I am absolutely over the moon for her. She's the best kid under 2 I know.

photo 2 photo 3

I made our stockings. Next time? I'm buying them. Whoa, that was a lot of work for this non-seamstress. But Jessi loves "Mama's socks" hanging on the fireplace so I'll take it.

photo 1

I'm up to my elbows in Christmas Cards and loving designing all these cards for you guys this year!! What a joy! Get your card orders in asap!! 

Check out our two brand new Decemeber Sponsors!  Parker & Posie. You might die of baby shoe cuteness. I sure did. She Does Justice. Helping with adoptions!! Love it!! (More to come on this later this month!)

How about some giveaway winners?? I'm way behind on these! I have FOUR for you!

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