it's advent time again!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!! Last year we did a fun advent calendar with the girls, and it was such a blast to watch Jessi learn all about Christmas and get so excited about all the activities we did each day. Since she was so young last year, it was just about the fun but this year we are thrilled to tie some real Christmas meaning into it! I'm sure Zoey will enjoy the fun more this year though :)

We are following along with the Jesus Storybook Bible Advent Reading Plan that I stole discovered from Erin. I love this bible and am excited to read through these stories each day with my girls.

My husband was laughing at me while I was spending all the time to design, print and cut these little cards with each day on them. Since our girls can read and all. But come on, who is all this fun really for?? Wink. I hope that the girls get excited to open a new envelope each day to find out what fun is ahead for them. Maybe I should do this every day until the baby comes, it will sure make the next 3 months fly by!


IMG_8068 photo


Since so many of you were begging to see what our advent was this year, I created a free printable if you'd like to follow along with what we are doing!! I hope your kids enjoy Christmas this year as much as I know mine will!


advent printable