teaching them about Christmas {part 1}

Can you believe it's already time for Christmas? I love this time of year. I'm one of those Christmas nuts and I just can't get enough of it all. But as a mom of little ones, it can be stressful. There's SO much media thrown at our kids and that Christmas is all about presents and spending money. That scares me.

I'm always looking for ways to teach my tiny ones what Christmas is really about, and hiding the Toys'r'us ads so their hearts aren't filled with "want, want, WANT!!!" I want to keep Christmas fun and simple for them. I want them to see that it's about celebrating the birth of our Savior and enjoying time with our family, but still having fun with the holiday traditions. Wow, such a thin line huh??

I'm excited to tell you about a couple of teaching tools that I'm LOVING and so are my little ones. Sitting down with a big fat bible and reading the Christmas story just isn't happening. I mean come on, I have a 2 year old and a 1 year old. I'm lucky to get them to eat breakfast. I'm thrilled to find ways to teach them that are fun for them too.


As you know if you've been around here, we are HUGE Veggie Tales fans. Jessi is obsessed with all the Veggie Tales shows, and I love that it teaches the truth in a fun way that keeps my kid's attention. This collection is amazing. It's all of our favorite Christmas stories in one huge collection! There are 5 shows, a singalong dvd and a cd of Christmas music!! Your kids will LOVE learning about Christmas in fun way with Bob, Larry & the entire Veggie gang!

Also!! If your kiddos like Veggie Tales, they are having a HUGE 40% off Sale!! My girls have a bunch of these toys and we love them all!!

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