messy motherhood link up: encouragement

Welcome to the Messy Motherhood Link Up!!! I'm so excited that you are joining us!! This month we are focusing on encouragement and I'm thrilled to introduce you to my lovely co-hosts, Amanda & Nathalie. They are so amazing. And they are actually REAL LIFE friends because I had the opportunity to meet them recently at The Influence Conference. Yippee! I adore Nathalie's heart for moms, we are so on the same page. And Amanda is just all kinds of awesomeness and is a constant source of encouragement to me as a mom. We were planning to make this video about 5 minutes, and it ended up about 15. So, yeah. It's such good stuff that I couldn't bring myself to cutting it down. I hope you grab some coffee, sit to watch and be encouraged. These girls have some wisdom you will want to soak in. I'm totally along for the ride on this, and they blessed me so much.



Messy Motherhood Link Up will be available November 20th - November 26th.  Topic for the month: Encouragement

Questions: (feel free to answer any or all in your post or vlog) What's the best way you have been encouraged as a mom? How can someone encourage a mom that's been through the ringer (bed rest, sick kids, tough home life, etc.)  Encouragement starts at home. How do you & your husband encourage one another??

See the rules below :)


THE LINK UP MISSION: We come to be real, to be loved, to encourage and to uplift. We come from all walks of life and stages of motherhood. We learn from one another and grow together in this amazing responsibility God has given us to raise His people. Bring your messes, your dirty hair and your tears. We embrace each other with open arms and love deeply because we are in this together. It’s a beautiful mess.

LINK UP RULES: Take the subject for the month and run with it. You can write a post based on it. You can do a vlog. You can answer the questions. You can do whatever you like as long as it fits within the topic for that month! Make sure you add the button to the bottom of your post and make lots of new friends!!!