messy mom feature: encouragement

Welcome to the very first "Messy Motherhood" Messy Mom feature!! If you missed the big announcement for my new series, check it out here! I'm absolutely thrilled to introduce you guys to this month's Messy Mom. She's someone REALLY special to me and her story is just amazing. The best part of her story? It's just starting and the journey behind her is nothing compared to the journey ahead.


Meet Cayce. Well, meet Cayce's adorable belly and hot shoes. She's beautiful and one of the kindest most genuine people I know. Did I mention that's my niece/nephew in that sweet belly?? Yup, she's my sister in law! I like to claim that she's my "older sister" because she's a whopping 6 weeks older than me ;)

I thought about asking her to write her story for you, but I knew she'd leave out how awesome she really is so I'm doing it myself. Grab your tissues, because their story is a good one.

Let's start in the beginning. After months and months of trying to get pregnant, they finally decided to go check just to make sure everything was ok. Only to find out she had PCOS. Which basically meant pregnancy wasn't going to be an easy journey. After finally getting in with a specialist, she took a pregnancy test the morning of her appointment, just out of routine, so she could indeed say she wasn't pregnant.....WHEN WHOA. POSITIVE!!!!! She was pregnant!! Take that PCOS. We were all SO THRILLED.

There was a healthy baby growing, all is good and life couldn't be better!!

Fast forward 19 weeks. Cayce came to stay with us for a few days to go to a bachelorette party for a friend. We had a great weekend shopping for baby stuff and dreaming of the next few months ahead as we have our babies together. She left on Sunday to fly home, and had her big ultrasound the next morning. She went in for the ultrasound to find out she was already dilated quite a bit. Like scary dilated. 

After lots of prayer and decision making, they ended up doing a cerclage to sew her up. It was an incredibly scary procedure because her water could rupture at any moment. Praise God for steady hands and a successful surgery! Off to bed rest she went. But I'm not talking what you think of when you imagine bedrest. I'm talking, do-not-move bed rest. From the day of that ultrasound she was flat on her back on the couch or bed. She gets up to go to the bathroom a couple of times a day and to move from the couch to the bed. THAT'S IT.

No showers. No sitting. No walking. No getting up to get herself a glass of water. INTENSE BEDREST.

When she had to get out a few times to go to the doctor, it was intense. Once they actually had the fire department there to carry her to her car (they live on the 3rd floor of their building). Oh, the stories she could tell you. 

They prayed to make it to 24 weeks. Horrified of what the future could possibly hold, but clinging to hope and trusting that God would take care of them. Her husband or mom would give her baths from the couch and wash her hair. She was flat to eat all of her meals and had to have everything done for her.

Talk about a rockstar mama. I'm not sure I could do it without losing my mind.

So where does the story lead us, you ask??


Well, she will be 36 weeks on Friday. ::insert jumping for joy:: She gets the cerclage clipped next Tuesday and baby will be FULL TERM. Did you hear me?? FULL. TERM. A baby that the doctors didn't expect to make it to 20 weeks, is perfect and still cooking. ::throws confetti:: I'm secretly praying the baby doesn't come for a couple more weeks so she gets to go out and enjoy being a large pregnant woman for a little bit, but don't tell her I said that because she might punch me.

God is good. ALL THE TIME.

As of yesterday she has been laying flat on mega-intense-crazy bed rest for SIXTEEN WEEKS. Can I just get a round of applause for her???

It's stories like this that make me quit whining about my aches and pains. That make me enjoy every second of my pregnancy in all it's glory. But it's stories like this that remind me what some moms go through. Pregnancy and motherhood are TOUGH sometimes. Am I being a constant encouragement to these moms? I sure hope so.

Ok, so Cayce isn't a blogger, but I couldn't resist sharing her story and making her my very first "Messy Mom". I would LOVE if you would leave her a bit of encouragement here so she can read it!!

The best is yet to come, sis! You are my hero!!!


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