#coffeedate friday - no coffee today!!

Good morning friends & happy Friday!!! I'm excited to be linking up with Alissa for Coffee Date and sharing a couple of REALLY exciting things with you that I'm up to. Oh, and talk about real life....this video doesn't get much more real. As soon as I pressed stop, Jessi started talking about poop so that would have just been the icing on the cake!

Why in the WORLD am I not drinking coffee today??? We all know it's not because of the pregnancy because that doesn't stop me! Watch to see why........


So....let's recap.

GO CHECK OUT MY CHRISTMAS CARDS!!!!!! You know you want to order some so I can buy Christmas presents for my girls ;) (how's that for a guilt trip??) 


**THE PINK PROJECT**  Learn allllll about it! pssssst.....Brittany is giving away TWO HUGE Startbucks giftcards TODAY if you donate $5 to The Pink Project. Duh, that's a no brainer people.

And finally....