winter carseat safety tips

I was shopping online a few days ago for Jessi a winter coat, and while skimming through reviews I was SHOCKED at how many people left reviews talking about buckling their kids into their carseats with their coats on. It was really scaring me to read that, because it was a reminder of how unaware people are of carseat safety. Since I've taken upon myself to share my tiny bit of knowledge with you, you get to hear a fun carseat rant today! As we get into the colder seasons, there are some really important things you should know when buckling your kiddos into their carseats. Don't feel guilty if you've been doing this, it's such a common thing that people don't know! Shoot, I did it before I knew the facts!

I had a cute little two year old and a nosey one year old help me put together this video to show you why it is so important to buckle them in without their jackets. I hope you watch, learn and share what you know with your mommy friends!

Maybe I should have done that during the baby's nap time. Talk about distractions and me not making much sense! Basically, don't buckle your kids into their seats with their coats, because in the case of an accident the coat will be compressed and not keep the child as snug in their seat as they should be. Never put anything thick (blankets, coats, etc) between the child and the carseat and harness.

Some tips for the cold months and keeping your kiddos warm in the car.

1. Get the car warmed up before buckling them in. If this is something you can easily do, it's a great way to make sure they are warm and you aren't putting them in cold seats!

2. Wear layers. We have lots of little zip up hoodies and fleece pull overs that I will put on my girls to get them in the car and then just throw their jackets on when we get where we are going. Make sure these are thin and don't have that "compression" we talked about in the video. Here's an example of something that would be a good option.

3. Blankets are ok! My girls are pretty attached to their blankets anyway and almost always want them in their seats. Even when it's 90 degrees outside Jessi insists on being wrapped in her blanket. Just make sure the blankets aren't BEHIND them, but just covering them once they are safely buckled in.

4. Wear the coat backward. Again, make sure you buckle them in FIRST and then if they are cold you can use their coat as a blanket and help keep them warm!

5. Don't leave your house until Spring. That's my favorite option. I am not a fan of winter ;)

I hope all this helps with keeping your kids safe and warm in the car this winter! Please feel free to email me or comment below if you have any further questions and I would be happy to help answer to the best of my ability!!