announcing: the messy motherhood link up!!

I have a passion for moms. For encouraging and doing life together. Especially for moms of little ones. It's an incredibly rewarding and tough season of life. After I took on the 31 Days challenge in October, I found myself wanting more. Wanting to do more, encourage more and help more. Then I attended The Influence Conference and hosted a meet up of moms. I was blown away by how many mamas of little ones showed up! It was a joy to love on them and get to know these women deeper. That's when the idea struck me to make more of this. I prayed about how I could do something to make a difference and encourage others.

momsnightout{photo via melody @ dance parties in the rain}

So, the messy motherhood link up idea was born.  

Here's how it will work. Each month we will have a topic, I will have 3-4 co-hosts joining me. We will do a google hangout and chat about the topic and I will have the girls answer a series of questions. This chat will be recorded and will be posted on the day of the link up. {Because I'm totally nosey, I always wanted to be a fly on the wall at other people's google hangouts, so I thought it would be a fun way to do life together and let you be a fly on the wall!} 

You have the freedom to do what you want with the topic. You can answer the questions in a post. You can vlog about the subject. Or you can just write whatever you desire about the topic.

And just for fun, I will also feature a blogger once a month and have a post from them/about them on the month's topic. Yay!

You will get to know other moms, and it's my hope and my prayer that you will find people to connect with that are in the place you are in.


THE LINK UP MISSION: We come to be real, to be loved, to encourage and to uplift. We come from all walks of life and stages of motherhood. We learn from one another and grow together in this amazing responsibility God has given us to raise His people. Bring your messes, your dirty hair and your tears. We embrace each other with open arms and love deeply because we are in this together. It’s a beautiful mess.

LINK UP RULES: Take the subject for the month and run with it. You can write a post based on it. You can do a vlog. You can answer the questions. You can do whatever you like as long as it fits within the topic for that month! Make sure you add the button to the bottom of your post and make lots of new friends!!!

More to come very soon!! Can't wait to start this journey with y'all!