introducing: the carseat sidekick {a giveaway!}

carseat sidekick

I'm excited to tell you about a brand new product on the market!! The Carseat Sidekick was just released and is an awesome idea created by a mom and dad wanting to make life a little easier on their newborn baby.

You know how when you go to put your newborn in their infant carrier and you have to dig the straps out to buckle them in?

The baby gets frustrated.

Wakes up.


Outing ruined.

The Carseat Sidekick to the rescue! This handy device holds the car seat straps out of the way  so you can easily lay your infant in their seat (without waking or upsetting them!) and buckle them with ease. You simply attach the magnetic straps to the carseat straps and it holds them back until you can get your baby settled happily!

Things you should know: 

They are safe & the straps do NOT interfere with car seat safety. Y'all know I'm a nazi about that. They come in three fun colors! Yay! They are crazy affordable! (Only $17.99!!) - Hello, my new favorite baby shower gift! They were created by parents just like you and me, so you know they are great for your kids!

Here, watch this video to see how they work!!!

Isn't that great?? Love this concept, and I'm so excited to be able to have a Carseat Sidekick for Baby3!! But since I have to wait a few more months to use mine, how about I give away some today??


I will be giving away 2 sets of Carseat Sidekicks (in the color of your choice!!) can use the code MD20OFF for 20% off your order!!!  

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