zoey brooklyn - 14 months

How in the world did this happen?? FOURTEEN MONTHS!!!!! I've been so terrible about doing monthly updates with Zo, but couldn't miss this month. We are having an absolute blast! It had gotten really difficult with her, because she just wanted to be held constantly. Making pregnant mommy VERY tired! She had a tough few months of transitioning to a toddler, but we made it through and she's so happy now! Walking everywhere, starting to communicate better and playing like a champ with her big sis! zo2


We are still taking 2 naps a day and is QUITE attached to her blankie and paci! She's SUCH a little snuggle bug.

She doesn't talk much, but is getting better at letting us know what she wants. She knows exactly where we keep the bananas and the milk and will go and grunt at me until I get her some :) She signs a few words and says the basics: Mama, Dada, Thank You, Cracker, Poppy/Papa, Dog, Uh-oh, and Go-Go-Go. She can point to her nose, belly & toes when asked.


Favorite activities: chasing her sister, reading books, playing outside

Favorite foods: graham crackers, black beans, milk, pasta, bananas

How to describe Zoey perfectly? Ornery. This girl is ALL personality. She knows she's hilarious and is happy to show that off. I just adore her and her amazing little personality. I am loving getting to know her better each month and watching her turn into a little person.


I heart her. Big time.