playing dress up & dreaming big

As kids, one of our favorite things to do is play dress up. Am I right? How many times did you put on your mom's shoes and pretend to be someone else? We always dreamed of being something special when we grew up. A doctor, or a lawyer or a wedding planner. We had big dreams. Are you still dreaming big? Are you still putting on those big high heels and hoping BIG things for your future?

I hope you are.

I still am. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the madness of life, and as a mommy I can easily let diapers and abc's become my life. That's not a bad life, but am I dreaming for my future? For the future of my family and my babies? You better believe I am.

The girls went out with their Grandparents last night to go trick-or-treating while hubs and I went on a date. I almost cried watching them be so cute in their little bug costumes that MiMi got them. They are still so tiny and right now their biggest dreams are for candy and milk.

I pray those dreams continue to grow as they do, and they become big dreamers. 



Today they may be tiny superheros and miniature bugs. But tomorrow?

Tomorrow they will conquer the world.

Are you encouraging your kids to be dreamers?