our pumpkin patch adventure

What would October be without a Pumpkin Patch post???

I'm SUCH a cheapo that I don't like to spend money to take my kids to climb on pumpkins. Call me crazy. We bought a groupon to go to a local place called Chester's because we wanted to do something special for them. They loved it!! Well...Jessi loved it. Zoey missed her morning nap so she was pretty tired the whole time. It was WELL worth it to see our super cautious girl ride a pony and feed animals all by herself! I couldn't believe how brave she was!

Hooray for Pumpkins & Ponies!!!


 pumpkin3 pumpkin5

pumpkin4pumpkins6pumpkin7pumpkins8 pumpkins10

pumpkins9pumpkins11pumpkins12 pumpkins13


What?? You wanted a picture with two toddlers looking at the camera and smiling?? NOT HAPPENING, MOM.