bump day - 22 weeks

17 Weeks to go!!!!!!! Yippeeeee!!!

I'm trying not to turn into that whiney pregnant lady, and really wanting to enjoy this time but WOW my hips and back HURT. This baby is so. low. Do you see how low she is in that picture?? I mean wow. You know that feeling at 35-40 weeks where you ache like crazy "down there"? That's all the time for me now at 22 weeks. I desperately want her to move up and take some pressure of my hips. When I get in the floor to play with my babies I can barely get up. That's just frustrating!

Ok, there's my whining. The other stuff? I'm really enjoying this. There's a chance this could be my last pregnancy so I'm soaking everything in and eating Oreos like they are going out of business and counting on me to support them. Thankfully I'm not gaining much weight (how?!?!), but that is kinda nice.  Bring on the chocolate!!!