31 days of messy motherhood {day 24}


Every stage is difficult for it's own reasons. Don't try to deny the fact that it's hard. This goes right back to the Mommy measuring stick we talked about, there isn't one. When you think that your life seems so much harder than someone else's, trust me. Their kid isn't perfect. Their life isn't perfect.

We all have those REALLY hard days.

I've had several of them lately. My 2 year old has been rough and my 1 year old cries a LOT. That's just life. It's the SEASON I am in, and I'm sure there are hard things about your season too. The best part of mine? The giggles, playing chase, seeing my baby say a new word for the first time.

The joy outweighs the hard stuff ANYDAY. 

It's why God invented naps.


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