in the midst

It's been an interesting week of "re-entry" back into real life after 4 days away. I haven't been away from motherhood for that long since I started this journey, so as relaxing as it was a weird adjustment coming back. No one cooked my breakfast for me. Or made my bed. And I got slobbered on when I was hugged.  Then the server that hosts my blog crashed and I looked at a horrible "server not available" screen for almost 24 hours. STRESS-ME-OUT. I've poured my heart and soul into this little piece of online real estate for almost 4 1/2 years....and I hadn't backed up in about that long. Wow, thankfully it finally came back. but lets just say by Monday morning I should have a new host and a good backup :)

In the midst of all of that, I'm reminded of what is important. My precious family. Making an influence on this community I'm a part of. Being light to those around me. Being real.

So, I show you pictures of my remote control in the toilet and my messy house. Because this is my real life. My life that seems so easy and simple. 

I'm drawn back to something that REALLY tugged at my heart last weekend at The Influence Conference. Barrett Ward from The Mocha Club spoke to us about his passion and his incredible non-profit he's building. They have launched a new organization called fashionABLE. I'm just stoked about all they are doing. By purchasing a scarf, you are creating a sustainable business for a woman in Africa. My heart just BURSTS when I hear this.


I'll let you this video tell you their story.

As a mom of a future Ethiopian baby, I can't even tell you how excited I get about this. FashionABLE brings these women off the streets and gives them hope. It might be one of these women some day who gives a child up for adoption and they become part of MY family. This women may be saved from a disease because of you buying a scarf. Therefore my CHILD may live a longer and healthier life. BECAUSE OF A SCARF.

As you start your Christmas shopping (what, you haven't started yet?? shame on you.), I beg you to consider a fashionABLE scarf for the women (or men!) in your life. Take the time to read more on their web site and hear the hearts of these women.

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So in the middle of crashing blogs and a chaotic home, my heart is still as I think of these precious women. Their lives are forever changed.

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