i'm just getting started {an #influenceconf linkup!}

As I sat in a room full of 200 amazing, inspiring and completely breathtakingly beautiful women I felt so out of my league. What am I doing here God?? How are you going to use ME?? Little me who tends to blog more about poop than Jesus. Who has dark circles under her eyes and still probably smelled like a dirty diaper. I'm "just" a mommy blogger. I don't have a story. When I think I'm done, or my story means nothing He gently whispers in my ear "I'm just getting started with you".

Oh crap, Lord.

I wanted to get out of this thing the easy way. I started this little blog so my family could keep up with my craziness, and now I have a calling to share the craziness with a much larger community. No longer is this thing just about what I had for lunch and potty training. Sure, that stuff is fun and who isn't excited about my turkey sandwich? But it's not about that.

It's about Jesus.

It's about my community.

It's about YOU, the person on the other side of the computer.

It's about bacon.

It's about changing and impacting lives.

It's about my influence.

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I hope you will prayerfully consider joining us next year for The Influence Conference. This is NOT your typical blogging conference. You bet you will learn some incredibly useful tools, but you will be loved on like never before. You will be prayed for like never before. You will find community like never before.

The interwebs got real. Really, really real.

Want a taste of this community? Sign up to join The Influence Network coming in 2013!

One of my favorite things about this network of women is that we aren't just online friends, we are sisters.

For real, y'all. All the things, for real.

Link up your #InfluenceConf posts!!! Can't wait to hear how your world was rocked!