i am an artist

I started out the weekend at Influence Conference sitting in the back of the room at Emily Freeman's talk. I have always adored Emily, but wasn't sure what to expect walking in to my first blogging conference. It couldn't have been a more perfect place for me in that moment. Emily smacked me in the face with such inspiration and truth, my fingers could barely keep up with my brain as I frantically typed out notes to try to remember as much as I could.

"Our influence is wrapped up in what makes us come alive" - Emily Freeman

Wow. Just wow.

My passion is moms. Encouraging moms, helping moms and being real with moms. It's what makes me come alive. Parenting young ones is TOUGH and I never want a precious mama to feel like she is alone or can't do it. Seeing a mom blessed and encouraged to face another day is what makes me come alive. I been working for the last year in really finding my voice, my influence and direction for my tiny space on the interwebs. I've been moving in a direction, and wanting to make this more than your traditional "mommy blog".

Your art wakes up something in people. If it doesn’t, then it isn’t your art. - Emily Freeman

Am I waking something up in my people?? Am I inspiring, creating and mostly importantly being ME?

momsnightout{photo via Melody}

I had the honor, the privilege and the joy of bringing together the moms at Influence to encourage and love on them. This was by far the highlight of my weekend.

It encourages me to be the best I can be. This is my art.  

Motherhood CAN be your art. There is a season for EVERYTHING. - Emily Freeman

Finding a remote control in a toilet is my art. Being covered in graham cracker crumbs and smelling like sour milk is my art. This is my season, this is my art. It may not always be this hard (I'm sure it will get harder...I will have at least 3 teenage girls someday!) but then I won't get hours of rocking my babies and singing Veggie Tales on repeat. I don't want to look back on these years and regret that I didn't pour into my babies enough. I don't want to wish it away.


I want to create a generation of moms who pour everything they are into their families and walk away at the end of the day exhausted and overflowing with joy. I want us to all love this incredible precious and important job God has give us to raise His children.

"Show up and be who you already are, you bring the spirit of a LIVING God with you" - Emily Freeman

What is your art? Is it making you come alive??