our common thread is the good news

Today I board a couple of planes and head to Indianapolis to hang out with 200+ people I've never actually met in real life. How terrifying is that?? Well, actually it's not. For one simple reason.



That right there was what won me over to The Influence Conference. We come from all over. From all walks of life. I attend one of the largest churches in the country, and there will be girls there that can probably name every single person they go to church with. I say y'all and one of my roommates is from up north and has the most adorable accent ever. We are all walking into this thing blindly, but knowing full well that we will be blown away.

Because it's about HIM and not us. This is not a popularity contest or about getting free stuff (although free stuff is totally cool). This is about increasing our influence to spread the gospel and make MUCH of Him. Jesus. The one that is making this happen and bringing a whole bunch of strangers together.

I will squeal like a little girl when I finally hug my invisible friends. I will cry like a baby when I'm blessed by each of you. I will eat a lot of food, and give a LOT of hugs. I'm a hugger guys. I'm determined to make my non hugger friends into huggers (I'm looking at YOU, Ashley!).

For those of you that will be there this weekend, I can't wait to meet you. And for those of you that aren't, I hope you are blessed by what I bring away from this weekend and share with you. I'm going into this thing with an open heart. Ready and willing to be stretched as a blogger and grow as a follower of Christ. 

Let's do this thing, y'all.