The Pregnancy Companion {a giveaway}

I'm thrilled to introduce you to my friend Jessica and tell you all about her amazing book: The Pregnancy Companion. Let's just preface this by saying I'm NOT a reader. I know, gasps all around, but I'm just not. I'm pregnant with a 2 year old and 1 year old. I read my bible and I read blogs. I usually wait until they make a book into a movie, and THEN you can get me involved. But when Jessica sent me this book and I sat down to read it, I was blown away! What an incredible way to look at pregnancy!  the-pregnancy-companion_final-front-cover-187x300

So, here's how the book works. Jessica writes about the heart and Dr. Heather Rupe writes about the facts. This is a faith based book and a wonderful perspective on pregnancy. I'm more of a "heart" person. I'm not that interested in the facts, I like to know what I need to know...but I more leave it up to God's plan. I don't see the point in stressing out about every ache and pain of pregnancy, so I hardly read much. But, there are some things that are for sure important to know, and I love reading about the real heart issues of pregnancy. A lot of you may be facts people though, and thats why I LOVE the way this book is written. You get the facts, but it's followed by the heart issues which calms your anxious heart. Amazing!

Jessica helps you know how to pray for yourself and your baby. How to prepare for this journey. To remember how amazing this blessings is, and thank God for every ache, pain, kick and trip to the bathroom. What an amazing miracle pregnancy is! It's just a great book!

So it's time to put down WebMD and all of those books that tell you what's happening to your body, and take on the best approach to pregnancy. I really encourage you to read this book whether you are in your first pregnancy or 5th. Each time is different and you can learn so much from Jessica and Dr. Rupe!

I'm excited to be giving away a book here today! You don't have to be pregnant now to enter this, you can enter to give it to a friend or stick it back for the next time you see two pink lines!

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