11 things you need to know...

We head to Influence Conference in just ONE WEEK. So I thought before we all are crammed into a room together, maybe you should know a few things about me to prepare yourself? I was inspired by my good friend Brittany to do this post, and basically I'm stealing her idea. BUT she wrote "10 Things You Should Know", and being the good blogger and friend that I am I will one up her and post 11.

1. I'm a hugger. YES. A big hugger.

2. Yes, you can rub my belly. I'll be 20 weeks and finally showing and not just looking bloated, so rub that sweet belly all you like!

3. I'm not fashionable. At all. I will probably wear my best maternity clothes, because I only have like 3 cute outfits. So don't be fooled, I'm not as cute as I may seem. Plus, Blair is one of my roommates and maybe she can make me look cuter than I actually am.

4. I'm really sarcastic. Hence the upping Brittany to make my post better than hers ;) I do it all in love. So if I pick on you, I totally adore you!

5. I'm HORRIBLE with names. Praise the Lord Almighty for name tags, but I will apologize right now if I call you by your twitter name.

6. Don't judge me by the coffee in my hand. I require LOTS of sleep and will probably not get lots, so let's just say I will probably have a few cups a day. Yes, I'm pregnant. I'll take a break for a week when I get home to make up for it.

7. I actually can be a little shy. I'm a mega extrovert, but when I get in a room full of people that I adore, I get quiet sometimes and soak in the awesomeness. Please don't think I'm rude if I get quiet, it's just how I roll. I'm a soaker-inner.

8. I'm an obsessive-compulsive-planner-type-A-all-the-way kind of person. Basically if you need to know any details about the weekend, I'm your girl. I will have my iphone and macbook attached to me at all times, and I thrive on lists and spreadsheets.

9. I am SUPER emotional. I'm pregnant so that doesn't help. Will someone bring an extra pack of tissues for me, because I will probably need them. I know this weekend is going to bless me to no end and therefore I will be bursting with happy tears.

10. I love M&M's. This really has nothing to do with the weekend, but if you happened to have some stashed away in your bag, you are welcome to share with me.

11. Food is my love language and I need to eat a lot. If I'm getting a little hangry, just give me a cracker (or a bag of M&M's).

The I'm-so-excited-to-be-here face  

The shocked-out-of-my-brains-because-i'm-meeting-you face  

The checking-social-media-face (this one you will see A LOT of!)  

The oh-my-gosh-look-how-cute-my-kids-are face (please act interested)  

The listening-intently-to-your-story-face (please don't think I'm rude!)

The before-I've-had-coffee-not-a-morning-person face:

And most importantly: The I'm-about-to-attack-you-with-a-huge-hug face:  

I can't WAIT to meet you guys!!!!!!!