seeing the three lines

I'm not going to lie, I was in TOTAL shock after we saw those "3 lines" in our big ultrasound last week. When we first got pregnant, all I could think about was another girl. It sounded so great, so easy, so fun. When I see sisters together who just adore each other it made my heart yearn for that. But as we got a little more into the pregnancy, I couldn't help but consider the possibility of a little boy. A mama's boy. Someone to play catch in the backyard with my husband on a fall day. To watch him learn how to mow the lawn and serve his sisters. A friend and a companion for my husband. All of these thoughts were exciting to me. Then we would go to the store and I would see a boy knocking down a huge rack of cookies and his VERY worn out mom chasing him (and losing). Boys scare the bejeezus out of me. I had very mixed emotions going into the ultrasound. I was completely happy with either a boy or a girl, but there was something so different about it this time. Would this maybe REALLY be the last big ultrasound? Since we are planning to adopt after this baby, will we stop at 4? Or will I get the fever again down the road and decide to be crazy and go for another of our own? It's all so unknown, and so I was a little nervous/emotional watching that perfect baby squirm around on the screen.

10 fingers, 10 toes.

That perfect heart beating away.

Everything in it's place and growing perfectly. This is not something I ever take for granted. How thankful I am to carry another healthy baby, and pray every day that all continues to be just right. And finally that stubborn little baby stretched out of the curled up ball to show us "the goods". THREE LINES. Hubby wasn't surprised at all, he's a fabulous girl daddy. Patient to no end with them, and just rolls his eyes and laughs at all the emotions flying through our house. But I was shocked. Um, I knew it HAD to either be a boy or a girl, so I'm not really sure why I couldn't believe it. I kinda had a 50/50 chance here.

After a few days it really sank in and I couldn't be more thrilled now. So many of you have told me stories about how you have 2 sisters and how close you are. That makes me so excited!! That is my prayer for my girls, that they will be the best of friends and always be there for each other. I'm excited to plan another girly nursery, and save a ton of money because we don't need much at all now! What a blessing that is!

We will have a houseful of girls. Of pink. Of emotions. Of giggles and squeals. Of princesses and curls. More love and hugs and kisses than I could ever dream of. What a joy and a blessing each one of my precious girls are. I adore each of them for their individual personalities and how they look like mini me's with their daddy's ears.

Let's not talk about the teenage years for now, ok? 

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