two and a half

Wow, I can't believe we are already halfway through 2. SIX months until this little princess turns 3. And a princess she is. She makes sure we know that about 87.4 million times a day. Which is pretty stinking adorable. I'm loving this age!! Watching her vocabulary explode and learning new things every day. She's a really fantastic kid. It's been a interesting transition for her as baby sis turns into a toddler, but she's doing great. Not a fan of sharing all the time, but she will get there. Not much choice in our family! She's really an easy toddler and a great big sister. She's learning to stall bedtime and it takes Daddy an extra 10 minutes to get out the door every day because she knows how to stall that process too. She loves watching "shows" and playing princess with her dolls toys. Her imagination is getting huge! She likes to make up games, and have the dog chase her around the house while she eggs him on with a cracker or piece of cheese. She loves going to the zoo and playing at the park. She's potty trained and has been for 6 months (expect for night time, not ready to conquer that!).

I adore this girl and her precious heart!! 

We wanted to do something to remember this age and all the things she likes, so we did a little interview with her!

What's your name? Jessika. I'm Jessika Kaye James.

How old are you? Two. I'm two!

What color is your hair? Blue. Yeah, white!

What color are your eyes? Blue.

What's your favorite food? Stop asking me questions!! 

What's your favorite toy? My babies

What's your favorite song? Jesus Loves Me this I know! For the bible tells me so!!!!!!!

What's your favorite animal? Giraffe. He sticks his tongue out like this: AHHHHHHHHH

What's your favorite show? Veggie Tales

Who are your best friends? My mom and dad!!

Who sleeps in your bed with you? Rupert

How old is Mommy? Two

How old is Daddy? One

What do you like to do while Zoey naps? Mommy paint my pretty toes! I need to watch a show now.

What chores do you help Mommy with? I put the clothes on the floor!