influence conference mom's night out!!

I'm thrilled to announce we will be having a super awesome event for moms at The Influence Conference! This has been my dream to get together with the moms of little ones for a fun, encouraging time. It's my passion to build up and encourage moms. I know so many moms out there are hurting and exhausting. I am half the time too! But what gets me through? Knowing someone understands and having someone encourage me! That's my heart behind this little hangout time.

We will eat chocolate. We will talk about poop. (Just maybe not at the same time, but I can't promise anything). We will love on each other. We might cry together because we miss our kiddos ;) There will be some AMAZING door prizes that I'm so excited to bless some of you with!

Bring a stack of business cards and wear your pjs! 

I'm so excited to meet all of you and learn about your journey! We aren't in this thing alone, so let's not try to do it alone ok? Praying for each of you as you prepare for the conference and to be away from your families. I pray that the conference will be a HUGE blessing and you will return home completely refreshed!