our "weekend" mini vacation

My hubby works weird hours at work and doesn't have normal weekends off. It's very rare that we get two days in a row off with him, so this week was a huge blessing when we got him for two whole days! It felt like a vacation!! A much needed vacation for me, I was exhausted after a very long weekend with the girls.

We took this rare opportunity to cram as much fun into it as possible.  Whoa. I forgot how exhausting it is to be pregnant and go go go! You guys ready for a bazillion pictures??

First stop: The Zoo! 

Kisses for the baby. Riding (fake) rinos. Feeding giraffes. Getting buttons about feeding giraffes. So stinking awesome.



Next stop: Unpluggits. We have this awesome indoor place called Unpluggits that you can play, paint, make ceramic crafts and all kinds of other stuff. I love this place! Unfortunately it's a little pricey (and I'm just super cheap), or we would be there all the time!

For Jessi's 1st birthday we made a plate with her handprint, and so we wanted to do one for Zoey as well! Zo was quite a bit more cooperative than Jessi was doing hers :) I had to cheat a little bit though because I didn't get Zoey's thumb so I used Jessi to help. Ha! The girls had a blast playing on the slides, painting and they LOVED the sand table. Ew, changing Zoey's diaper after that was nasty! Sand everywhere!


Goodness I adore those tiny people.

We had such a fun time getting to spend so much time with Daddy! I'm so thankful for an amazing husband who will drop anything to hang with me and our girls. He loves and cherishes his time with us. He's the kind of man that doesn't say a word when he has to use an old beach towel because I haven't done laundry in a month. He never complains. He's content to eat turkey sandwiches and anything he can find because I rarely find the time to make dinner. It's a joy to be his and raise his babies.

I'm so incredibly grateful for what he is to us.