bump day - 16 weeks

We have had an incredible two days. Since my hubby works retail hours, we don't get normal weekends and it's so rare to get two days in a row off. But he was able to manage Tuesday & Wednesday off so we played hard! I'll share a ton of pics and all the fun we were up to tomorrow, but for now it's time to catch up with my belly pic!! I had a doctor's appt last week, and the baby is hanging out SO low. My hips are killing me and it's getting incredibly uncomfortable. You know that feeling around 39 weeks when you literally feel like that baby might just fall right out? That's pretty much how I feel now. I carried both girls high and transverse for the majority of the pregnancy so this is a really weird experience for me. I hurt. A lot. I'm trying hard to rest as much as possible, you know...as much as you can with two toddlers. So I'm hoping this babe takes a trip north soon!