something i MUST share

If there is something so stinking cool about the interwebs, it's the people you meet here. Yeah yeah yeah, there are those creepy stories, but I'm hoping and praying that my invisible friends aren't weird creepy old men. I have a weird suspicion about this girl being one of those, but I'm willing to take my chances ;) Anyway, what I just HAVE to share with you. Do you guys know Blair? THE Blair? From Wild & Precious? The one and only @Blairita? Ok, well she's pretty fabulous. She recently just took on a project called "The Pixie Project". In a nutshell, she set out to raise money to help 3 women be set free from the sex industry in Ethiopia. To give them an education, to help launch them and give them hope. Guess how many women she was able to fund?? SIX!!! So awesome. To learn more about this program go check out The Mocha Club and all the amazing things they do!

So the moral of the story, if she was able to raise the money to fund the 3 woman she was going to chop her long locks into an adorable pixie cut. Well, as I said...she did it. Be sure and go watch the video of her getting the cut! I cried my eyes out watching it!! I'm so proud of her hard work and everything she has done for these women.

Ethiopia has a close place in my heart since we are planning to adopt from there in the next few years. I pray that God will continue to bring these women off the streets, and protect them. I pray constantly for the mother of my future child. Maybe she will be one of these women that Blair was able to rescue.

Thank you Blair for your hard work, I'm completely blown away and you've made a huge impact! Love you dear friend!