because even bloggers need a break

We all need a break sometimes. The first week of August we went on a family vacation and I was really looking forward to a lot of quality time with my computer and spending some time updating the blog and getting some bloggy work done. Well...I learned that when you have two young kids you don't get a vacation. Why didn't someone tell me that? Shame on all of you! So I ended up taking an unplanned break for a week. That unplanned break kinda turned into a month. I've still been blogging some, but I've barely opened my reader in weeks and twitter has been a distant friend. I feel so lost and don't know what's going on in the world! (Ok, yeah my world consists of my online bubble) I couldn't quite place my finger on what had pushed me away until someone said something that made me realize exactly what it was.

Sometimes people are mean. And hurtful.

I had my feelings hurt and then I was scared to be open and vulnerable in my place. This is my blog. My space to be open and vulnerable. But I was scared.

I hate that my own words were used against me to hurt my heart. It pushed me away. And let's be honest, I just don't have the time and energy to put everything into my blog. Although I love doing this, and I have made some incredible friends...this is NOT my full time job. This is my hobby. I'm not here to make money, but it's nice to be able to pay for diapers sometimes. I always wonder how some bloggers have all this time to do so much. Oh right, they don't have a 2 year old and 1 year old and pregnant. Different stages are just different.

What are your priorities? Are you so focused on building a blog that you aren't taking the time to sit and focus on your husband and your kids? It's always great for me to remember what the REALLY important things are in my life and then count these other little blessings as what they are. Blessings. Each one of you and your encouragement is a blessing. I consider you all my friends, and someday we will share a big hug. Whether it's here or in heaven. I am thankful that you take the time to read my mommy rants and look at all the pictures of my babes.

I hope to not allow myself to be scared and be able to really share my heart like I always planned to do. A break was good for my soul, but I'm excited to catch up and be back.

I'll leave you with some duck & ice cream cuteness. Because what would a blog post be without ducks and ice cream.


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