traveling with little people

We go on vacation in two days, and I'll just come right out and admit it...I'M A NUTCASE. Glad we got that out of the way before I continue with this post. I start frantically stressing out about 5 days before we leave and my mind won't stop racing. I somehow make it until 4 days before to start packing. Well, I did this time at least. I've been known to pack MUCH farther in advance, but we won't go into my complete craziness. I was a little concerned about space for this trip, because there are 4 of us now, and we will have two extra people in our car. So after doing a full day of completely stressing out, I cleaned out my van from top to bottom and rolled up my sleeves and decided I was going to do this if it killed me.

Then I was off to pack. After making a very detailed list of everything I need, I started sorting clothes. I start with the kids first, because somehow they always take up the most space with all their junk. I decided to try a new packing method to help save on space. It drives me crazy how my kids clothes take up SO MUCH SPACE and I always pack for about 87 months when we are only gone for 8 days.


1. Choose an outfit for each day.

2. Seal outfits in individal ziplock bags.

3. Specify child and day on the bag. This is even husband proof...ahem...making vacation easier on mama ;) (When the girls are a little older I will probably just pack outfits and not assign them to specific days so they can choose what to wear)

4. Be amazed at how much space you just saved!!!!

5. Send me chocolate as a thank you!

(ps. I pack about 4-5 extra outfits because my kids are messy. and seal up the jammies in a bag as well.)


That is 8 DAYS worth of clothes for 2 kids. Yeah, you're welcome.