Eyecare About Reading: Book Drive


I'm thrilled to announce the "Eyecare about Reading" Book Drive Competition! I am teaming up with VSP, Transitions Optical and Bess the Book Bus for this exciting adventure. The book drive will bring in books for kids in need while promoting the importance of eye health for reading and education success. Can you believe that 1 in 4 kids has an undetected eye problem?? 

That's why we are doing this book drive! 80% of what we learn is through our eyes, and if a child can't see properly...they can't learn properly!

For every 3 books received, VSP will donate 1 free eye exam! I am so excited that we are teaming up with The Boys and Girls Club of OKC to pass along these books and eye exams. I'm excited for these children to have the opportunity to keep their eyes in good health and help further their education. The children will receive an eye exam and be fitted for Transitions glasses if needed!

These incredible children's book authors have come on board also to show their support and provide signed books for the kids!

John Perry: The Book that Eats People Margaret Mason: These Hands Debbie Diesen: The Pout-Pout Fish, The Big-Big Dark, The Barefooted, Bad-Tempered Baby Brigade Rebecca Emberley: Chicken Little Cynthia Lord: Rules, Touch Blue, Hotrod Hamster

What fun would it be without a little friendly competition??

OKC will be competing with 2 other cities to bring in the most books!!!!! The city that brings in the most books, will win an additional 100 free eye exams, a visit from Bess the Book Bus and a visit from the VSP/Transitions Optical Mobile Eyes Clinic. So yeah, let's win ok??

Why am I passionate about this?

I have really bad eyes. Like, REALLY bad. When I'm not wearing my glasses or contacts, I literally can not see my own hand in front of my face. Eye health is really important to me. For the future of my kids. If they take after me (which is pretty likely), they will end up in glasses by 1st grade. I want other parents to know the importance of eye exams and how it can impact your kids education.

How can you help?

Drop off those books! Go dig through your kids books (or even your books!) and bring us anything you can part with!

I don't live in OKC, but I still want to help!

You can! You can! Go here, and make a "promise" to keep good eye health. For every promise received, Transitions will donate one book!!



Chick-fil-A Edmond 2nd Street Chick-fil-A at May & 63rd

A HUGE thank you to my friends at Chick-fil-A for being a part of this! Go have some chicken and drop off your books!

If you would like to make a large donation, please email me!