i'm kinda freaking out here

So, I love taking pictures. Love it. But buying a big fancy camera hasn't really ever been in our budget. What kinda of a blogger am I without the latest and greatest?? It's a shame, really. I kid, I kid. I got a little birthday money and was dreaming about what I could buy with it. A new bag for The Influence Conference? Well, that was taking care of because my precious new friend Rebecca is making me one to carry! All I could think about was a new camera. 

About 2 and a half years ago when I was about to pop with Jessi Girl, my mother-in-law gifted me her camera. My first dslr. It was seriously one of the best things anyone has ever given me. I was obsessed. I learned so much from that camera, but lately I've kinda been stuck. I want to do more, and I felt like it was limiting me. I was ready to upgrade and learn more! That camera was a major blessing to me and I hope it's a major blessing to the sweet new home it's going to (one of my local blog readers, hi Toni!!).

I got some really great pics out of that camera and so many memories.

Pause with me for a nostalgic moment, shall we?

Pictures like these:

And, oh man. I'm so glad I caught this happy cow moment:

OH, and this. Just makes me smile:

I had some good times with that camera. But, I sold that bad boy and bought myself a new one!!!!!!!! Thank goodness I was able to sell some stuff to cover the cost of the camera without giving my hubby a heart attack!

Now I will be sitting at my doorstep waiting for this beauty to arrive:

I'm so thankful for this investment for our family and my business!