i'm a survivor!!!

that being sung in my best destiny's child voice. Well, I survived. Are you guys sick of hearing about this dang spider bite yet? I hope so. Because I'm sick of talking about it!! This thing dang near killed me, but I made it out alive. I'm still pretty sore, and I'm still moving pretty slow. But I'm a million times better!! I'm so thankful my mom stayed with me all week. I couldn't even pick up my babies (still can't) or even get off the couch for an entire week. I've had 2 babies, a shoulder surgery and a gallbladder surgery...and I've never experienced pain like this. I had to be on heavy pain pills for a week. That just made my whole body crazy.

Thankfully now I'm just on Tylenol and starting to feel a little more sane. I keep thinking "man I still feel so exhausted and nauseous"...and then I remember I'm PREGNANT! Oh, right! The baby!!! Holy cow.

I'm so thankful for coming through this thing and me and the baby are just fine. What a scary situation this was. Trust me, don't go google "brown recluse spider bite". You will lose your lunch. There are some pretty nasty things that can happen. I really am thankful to have been protected and healed from this situation.

Thankful that this whole in my side only looks like a gun shot wound and not the grand canyon. And my tiny bump is already growing!!

Back to my normal pregnancy and motherhood ramblings! Thanks for your prayers and support!