and then i got eaten by a spider.

I'm trying not to throw up while I sit up to write this post. It has been one heck of a week. Remember that time I got eaten by a spider? Yeah, it's really given me a run for my money.

Wednesday at 3:34am - THE BITE

Wednesday - A trip to the urgent care, followed by a trip to the ER.

Thursday - Pain, swelling and lots of annoying side affects. Very little sleep. I HUNTED AND KILLED THAT BEAST.

Friday - More intense pain and crazy swelling. My belly started swelling which just scared me being pregnant. Went to the doctor, they thought I was coming down with shingles.

Saturday - Pain got worse and swelling spread. Threw up everything I put in me. Off to the ER again. They confirmed that I did not have shingles, but it's all just from the spider bite. Rushed me off to ultrasound to check the baby, and all seemed fine. We were only measuring 5 weeks and it was hard to see much because I could barely lay down to be checked. Celebrated my 28th birthday in the hospital with a pudding snack pack and a turkey sandwich. Yippeeee.

Sunday - My birthday. Boy, wasn't that fun. After being at the ER until 3am, I was exhausted and layed on the couch all day. Super exciting. The pain is ridiculous.

Monday - More pain. It just won't stop.

To sum up the week? I HURT.

This bite is just stupid. I've had two babies and I don't think I've ever been in this much pain.


As if I wasn't already horrified of spiders.