when life explodes with goodness

Whoa, I have been busy. Remember that time I started a new business and then got preggo immediately? Hello, complete exhaustion! There is so much good and so many huge blessings going on in my life right now. I'm amazingly overwhelmed with my God and all He is pouring out in my life. So stinking cool!

This pregnancy is so different than the first two (so far). I'm not very far along at all but so far I'm feeling pretty good!! I'm starting to rely on nap time more for a chance to rest (so thankful the girls are on the same nap schedule!) I may be exhausted, but they are such a joy!

I'm working hard on an upcoming wedding that I'm super excited about. I just love doing weddings and seeing a couple so excited to start their life together!! What a joy and an honor to be a part of making that day so special and easy for them!!

I have some crazy fun blog stuff happening too! Since joining up with The Influence Conference Community Leaders team, I prayed that God would provide the monies needed to make the trip. He did. IN ONE DAY. Blew my mind. So thankful for the opportunities coming up and the amazing sponsors who are diving into this thing with me. Gonna be some fun things going on around here!!! I'm stoked!

I just enjoyed an amazing 3 day weekend with my hubby home, and soaked up every bit of family time as possible. My joy is overflowing and I'm so happy with the place we are in!

Thanks for your support and encouragement during this busy yet exciting season in my life. I adore every single one of you!!!

Oh, and know what 3 babies in 3 years means? My belly is already popping out. Yikes! (6 week belly pic coming Wednesday, get excited!!)