why i blog.

Sometimes I struggle with this whole "blogging thing". I wake up and want to erase it all and throw my computer out my window on the freeway. Hormones, much? It's just hard sometimes. Why do we act like high school girls on twitter and treat each other like junk? We I get our my feelings hurt way too often for not getting to sit at the "cool kids table". That's when I have to step back and remind myself why I do this. There are two main reasons WHY I BLOG and I will continue to stick to my guns on these.

#1 - For relationships. I've seriously met some of the most amazing women on twitter and in the blogging world. I cannot wait until October and I will get to hug a BUNCH of these amazing ladies who make it all worth it. I'm so lucky to have gained some amazing local friends through the blogging community as well. I don't allow myself out of the house much (hi, mommy guilt) but I'm thankful for these girls who encourage me to get out and have some fun! Wow look, I took a shower AND put on real clothes.

{allison @ feeding my temple, kylee @ sincerely kylee & melissa @ pineapple lily}

#2 - To encourage. I made it my goal with my mommy blog to be an encouragement to other moms. Being a mom to littles is TOUGH and being able to help other moms by showing the real side of parenting is a blast for me. I strive to share the joy that comes from these little blessings. Your emails and comments of how you appreciate me showing the real side of it, it's so encouraging to ME!

For me it's not about numbers and money. I have to keep my priorities straight or I start getting frustrated (and then start hitting delete buttons...) I so appreciate the people who want to advertise with me and help with my sweet tea, blogging and adoption addictions. It's an honor to team up and help promote your business and blog. As a mom, I take another moms word above anything before I buy or try something. Therefore, I do reviews and advertise to promote things I care about! Yay!

Ok, I feel better now after I splattered my blogging heart out here. Thanks for listening, thanks for reading.