our highlight reel {the little things}

Some weeks are harder than others. We started out with Zoey running an unexplained fever for 2 days, and then Jessi got the highest fever I've ever had to see from my kids. 104.2. Wow, that was scary. Not only do you have sick kids, and then you wake up at 4am with the most vicious bladder infection ever and it just won't.go.away.

That was my week.

I finally went to the doctor yesterday for them to confirm: "wow, you have a really bad bladder infection". Oh, thank you. Now give me some medicine. I'm finally feeling a bit better, but WOW. That wasn't fun. I didn't sleep for two nights straight, so I'm dragging and exhausted. 

Our life isn't always pretty, but dang we have some pretty good times.

I'm thankful for the little things that keep me going.

-- Pool day with our best buds --

-- Coffee treat for mama after a healthy 9 month check up --

-- Laughter and snuggles from my precious girls --

-- Lots of water fun and playing with friends --


-- A trip downtown with daddy --


-- Silly, silly girls. I just love them to pieces. --

What are some things that blessed you this week?


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