9 months {zoey brooklyn}

Sweet little Zoey, Wow, this month was a blast!!!!! You are like a whole new baby! Daddy went on a 3 week business trip, and literally the day he left - you started crawling. It took you a week or so to really figure it out, but before he came home you were crawling, pulling up and pushing yourself into a sitting position. Once you got mobile, you had FUN. It also got really frustrating for your sister, because you want to take all her toys! Time for a lesson in sharing!


You're kinda known for your big open mouth smile. Quite excited about life :)

You've always been a mama's girl, but are starting to get really excited when daddy is around. Your sis is going to have some competition in you! Now that summer is here, you are having a blast playing in the water. We can tell that you have no fear! You have a blast in the pool and love splashing around.

Favorite things: yogurt melts, your blanket, standing up, sweet potatoes, putting random stuff in your mouth and swimming.

We are so excited to watch you continue to learn and grow! You just love life and your joy is contagious!

I love you sweet girl,




Weight - 18lbs 12oz (45th percentile) Height - 27 inches (30th percentile)

Completely perfect :)