and then the baby ate play dough

Those days. They happen to all of us. It's not always a "bad" day, sometimes it is just one of those days that makes you seriously wonder how you are keeping your tiny humans alive. They rip your house to pieces and chew on all your shoes. I thought I was signing up for kids, not puppies! I laugh at myself when I go back through tweets and pics of the day to update hubby on how our day was. Because tweets like this are bound to happen with a 26 month old and a 9 month old.

But it's also those quiet moments when they are both asleep and God whispers in your ear "I've got them in MY hands". Wow, yes you do, Lord.

This part in scripture really stood out to me yesterday while studying with my #shereadstruth girls. "God will make this happen. He who calls you is faithful!" Wowzers. He has called me to this amazing journey of motherhood and He will remain faithful to me. Whether my kids are being complete angels or eating play dough and peeing in the floor for funsies.

I'm so thankful that ultimately they are in His hands, and I pray every day He keeps them from anything harmful. And I pray the people at the play dough factory keep moms like me in mind.

Maybe we will pack up the play dough for a while, just in case.