facing fears and reading truth

This year has been AWESOME. In January I joined a local bible study group that really encouraged me to think outside my little Christian box and really dig into the truth of God's word. That was huge for me. I had allowed myself to believe the lie that because I'm a mom of two babies it's ok to get away from daily digging into the word. I totally think it's ok to rest in Him some days, that's necessary. But it's no excuse. Some days will be exhausting. Ok, let's be honest...MOST days will be exhausting. But no amount of coffee can be as refreshing as spending time with my heavenly daddy.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a couple of girls that are fellow community leaders with me for The Influence Conference (I'm still in shock that my name is even on the list with these women. God thing for SURE!) talking about a reading plan they had started with YouVersion. I always love seeing people talking about YouVersion because it's a bible app created by my church and it's awesome. I've been using it for years. Well, two girls turned into 4 which turned into hundreds. Now a website has launched and a community army has formed. We link arms and hearts across the world and read His truth together.

#SheReadsTruth @SheReadsTruth SheReadsTruth.com

Long story short, this has really done something huge for me. As we are studying about "fears" I was hit hard. I really struggle with fear of the unknown. Sometimes I won't do something because I don't know the outcome.

I have been holding back from doing something I have a huge passion for. I've wanted to do this for years, and there has always been a "reason" not to. The last couple of years I've obviously been busy making and raising babies, but now is the time. I've decided to swallow my fears and go for it.

So I'm launching into a new adventure and I'm thrilled about it.

Want to know what it is?? I'll tell you sometime this week, ok? :)

Ohhhhh the suspense.