fresh produce {a review}


I recently had the privilege of getting to know a company called Fresh Produce! I had never heard of this company and after checking out their website, I was thrilled to try out something from their line! I'm no fashionista. It's rare for me to get all dressed up, and honestly I feel like a goof when I do. So comfort is key for me. I mean come on, I'm mom to two tiny humans and that's what's important.

Um, obviously not me. But that's the shirt I got. Kinda. Different color. Sweet.

I chose the Classic Stripe Buttonside Henley top. I. Love. It. It's so fitting of my personality and what I live in every day. It so comfortable and fits me so great. They offer a great selection of causal tops which I love! Perfect for my every day "uniform", and a great step up from my hubby's tshirts. Also, go check out the longsleeve tshirts and fun spring clothes!

Ready for some lame pictures of me pretending to be cool?

I love how the sleeves can button up or wear them down. This is one of those wear year 'round type of shirts which is just fabulous! I'm very aware that I had one up and one down in these pictures. Totally on purpose but now I'm realizing that it looks silly. OOPS.

This shirt is Mom Tested...BABY APPROVED :)

There are a few Fresh Produce stores across the US, but they ship to over 200 countries! Yay! But why not shop on their web site? Because duh. I loved digging through their website and looking at all the fun clothes! There is something for everyone and a wide variety of style! Please go check out what they have to offer!!!

Disclaimer: Fresh Produce was so kind to send me the shirt for this review, but the opinions are totally my own!!