"mama, i try ok??"

We are in the 2's. Experiencing new things, learning new things and trying new things. Every day is an adventure. I can't count how many times a day I hear "I DO IT MYSELF!!!!". My favorite new phrase is "Mama, I try...OK?" She just wants to do it all herself.

This leaves me at a cross roads. Do I allow her to make a giant mess and try something that is most likely out of her element, or do I just fight her and do it for her?

The obsessive compulsive, type a part of me just wants to take over. I know I can do it better for her. It will get done quickly and I won't have a mess to clean up. But? That leaves her frustrated and with zero sense of pride or accomplishment.

So she may walk around all day with her panties on backward. My car is only clean 2 feet up and there are a pile of animal crackers on my floor. But she is happier for it. Because she did it herself.

She teaches me so much everyday and I'm learning to let go of the little things. My house isn't in the perfect order that I may like, and you won't see it on pinterest. (Unless it's pinned on a what not to do board) At the end of the day my children go to bed with smiles on their faces because I poured every ounce of my energy and love into them.

Hopefully daddy will come home and sweep up those animal crackers.

What are you learning from your tiny ones?