giving up on good

My heart has been growing and exploding lately. So much good coming in. Since I've jumped on board with The Influence Conference (have you guys heard?? yay, it's going to be AWESOME! why don't you come join us??) so many cool things have been happening. I've met some REALLY awesome people here in the interwebs that I hadn't met before. I'm growing new relationships and that makes me oh-so-happy. I shared my heart with you guys last week about how I had kinda stepped back a bit from my blog and online presence to really pray through what direction I was to go. Well, it's been good for my soul. After reading a couple of posts from Haley and Jessi on their "Giving up on good" series, ya know about how Jessi doesn't take showers (hehe...I heart you!), I was inspired.

So, what is it exactly that I'm giving up on?

I did a twitter clean out. I did a blog reader clean out.

I'm giving up on the good for the better.

I was allowing myself to become overwhelmed by hundreds of unread tweets and whoa the overflowing google reader that I didn't have the time to keep up with. I'm not calling it junk, because it's really a lot of good stuff. It's a lot of good people, but I'm giving up the good for the better. Jesus has called me to be more. Instead of filling my mind with parenting advice that says I should "get through the day and go straight to the wine", I need to fill my thoughts with parenting advice that reminds me to embrace every moment with my precious blessings.

Because wow, these moments are just amazing.

Since doing this and building new relationships? Wow. Blown away. I've joined a community of women who are digging into the Word together. We encourage and strengthen one another. It's an army of awesomeness. Have you seen #SheReadsTruth floating around out there? How have you NOT? God is doing a huge thing and it's super cool.

As hard as it was to delete some of those blogs that I like to read because it makes me feel like a better parent (yikes), it's time to focus on the better. He has called me to encourage and be a light.

If I'm not taking in the BEST, how can I be more than just good?