oops, she turned 8 months old.

Yeah, I'm a little behind. After hubby being gone this month and us being splattered all over the place, I kinda forgot about Zoey turning 8 months. This is a little behind (ahem, 3 weeks) and she's actually changed A LOT this month! So, check back soon for the 9 month update :) So here you have it. 8 months of bliss with Zoey!

My Sweet Zoey,

I said it once, and I'll say it a million more times...you are the sweetest baby ever! Your precious and perfect little personality are almost too much to handle!

You are really chunking up! You love to eat, and are doing so well at it. We've started you on some finger foods, and I've been really impressed with how well you do. Still no teeth! I've thought about 12 million times that you were teething, but still nothing has come through!

The best thing?? You've started sleeping through the night!!! Just for a week or so, but it's been fabulous! I'm still adjusting to getting the extra sleep, but so thankful. I'm really hoping it sticks! We are all happier for it. I thought I was going to slowly start losing my mind :)

You still adore mama and always want to be close to me. You've started really struggling with seperation anxiety, and you're having some trouble when you are at church or away from me at all. Hopefully that won't last long!

Your contentment to just sit for hours is fading away. After 8 months of watching your sister run circles around you, you've decided you want to join her! You got a new walker, and you are all over the place in that thing. It only took you a few days to figure it out and now you can keep up with us all. You're getting interested in crawling, so I know that will come very soon!

I love you precious girl! Watching you learn and grow is so much fun!

Love you to pieces,