she's on the move

Zoey is officially on the move. Using her little half crawl/half scoot she is managing to find her way to where she wants to go. She starts out big - up on her hands and kness and goes, then realizes she can do it much faster by army crawling. There's some sort of awkward weird hop in the middle of all that moveable mess.

I really wish I could blame her big sister for all of this, but she played a BIG ROLE in terrorizing my living room.

You know how my hubby is out of town for three weeks? She started crawling THE DAY HE LEFT. How's that for irony, Alanis Morrisette?

I'm quickly finding the hardest thing about a moblie baby and a busy two year old is having a mobile baby and a busy two year old. THEY JUST DON'T WORK TOGETHER. Jessi leaves her toys around, gets mad when Zoey starts playing with them. Things go in the mouth that don't belong in the mouth and the OH-MY-GOODNESS-SHE-GOT-MY-MONKEY-AND-I-WILL-FREAK-OUT-UNTIL-I-GET-HIM-BACK moments happen quite often.

So now I'm in a whole new world (magic carpet ride not included) with chasing a toddler and a baby. It's interesting. Hurry home hubby.